Aerial/Circus Classes

Aerial Classes

Lyra - Classes - aerial hoop and aerial ring professionals


Lyra, also known as aerial hoop and aerial ring, is a circular steel apparatus that is suspended from the ceiling. Performers can showcase aerial acrobatics on static, spinning, and swinging while creating unique shapes in and around its circle.


Trapeze has been a favorite among circus performances for many years. It’s a horizontal bar suspended by two ropes and can be static, swinging or spinning (when rigged to 1 point) also known as Dance Trapeze.
Trapeze - Dancers - Classes in Texas
Pole Dancing - Flying Chinese Pole - Classes in Texas


Pole dancing is not only an incredible way to express yourself but it is also a mainstream form of fitness. It combines both dance and acrobatics that men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages have been practicing all over the world.

Flying Chinese Pole

Unlike a regular pole, chinese pole is typically silicone or powder coated and is rigged only on top to allow further dynamic movement such as swaying and orbiting. Performers also wear clothing and sometimes shoes in order to grip to the pole.


Aerial Silks is a favorite among the aerial and circus community. Also known as aerial ribbon, fabric and tissue,it is a performance in which aerialists hang on pieces of fabric weaving in and out to create unique shapes and drops.
Aerial Silks Classes in Texas
Aerial Hammock Arts - Classes in Texas

Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock, also known as sling, is similar to Silks but, instead of being hung as two pieces, it’s hung as a single piece of fabric that is folded to make a loop where you can suspend, wrap, and spiral your way in and out of various shapes and drops.

Circus Classes


This course is for anyone interested in fire arts and learning standard fire safety. We will introduce fire safety guidelines and how to safely handle the element of fire. We will also explore various fire props each week, allowing you to discover your own fire flow. You will not only gain knowledge of fire safety, you will unlock a new artistry.
Fire - Circus Classes in Texas
Hoop Classes


This class is best for anyone new to hula hooping, along with any fellow hoopers who want to get back to the basics. We will cover all the FAQ’s about hooping, as well as learning new tricks that you can incorporate into your flow. If you have your own hoop, you are more than welcome to bring it otherwise hoops will be provided.



Flexibility and stretching are key when working out. It helps with recovery and body alignment, which, in turn, helps prevent injury as you progress in your fitness and aerial journey. So whether you are looking to finally nail the splits or are working on being a contortionist, unlock your body’s flexibility with our stretch class. Open to all flexibility levels, this class is for EVERYONE!


Ever wonder how performers look effortless on stage? Well besides lots of practice, they also train and workout to keep their strength and stamina up. Open to all fitness levels, here you will build strength in your core, upper and lower body all while learning proper technique and body alignment in order to prevent injury. No prior experience is required. This class is for EVERYONE!

Power Pole

Looking for a place to start your fitness journey, or maybe you want to level up, then this is the class for you. Using the art of Pole, instructors will lead you through a workout designed to build strength in your core, upper and lower body. Each workout has modifiers to match any fitness level. No prior experience is required. This class is open to Everyone!

Open Studio & Open Pole

Open Studio and Open Pole is your time to practice and perfect what you are learning in class. This is not an instructor led class but rather your own time to work on material. Practice makes perfect and is one of the best ways to continue to progress.
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