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The Aerium

The Aerial Silks program at Aerial City is brought to you by  Dara Minkin and her company, The Aerium.

About The Aerium

Aerial arts is a sacred practice. The Aerium’s mission is to provide aerial silks instruction & training for fellow aerialists. The Aerium welcomes newcomers. The Aerium aims to give all it’s members informed choices. In this time of uncertainty, happiness and joy should find itself in community.

Aerial Silks program - instruction & training - Studio
Dara Minkin - specializing in aerial silks

About Dara

Dara Minkin is an aerial acrobat specializing in aerial silks. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Contemporary Dance from the University of New Mexico, she has extensive training in many dance disciplines, including Stott Method Pilates, Martha Graham Technique, Gaga Technique, Ballet, and many others.

She is known all-over-the-world through Instagram as with over 70k followers. Instagram launched her publishing company and performer name Aerial Design in 2014. She founded her school The Aerium in 2020. Having performed for eighteen years and taught for twelve, Dara has designed a teaching method for vertical aerial arts published in book form as Proximal: An Introduction to Aerial Theory.

She has taught for Aerial Horizon, Womack and Bowman, Vertical Fix, Radical Movement Factory, Project in Motion, Agora Arts, Frequent Flyers and more. Dara resides in San Antonio, TX where she spends lots of time being creative, adventuring with her partner, and eating tasty food.

For more information on the aerial silks classes or how to sign up, follow the link below to her website or send her an email.

Email: [email protected]
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